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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Gift FROM Ariena

Still in 24 November 2009, at my campus
Ariena came to me and gave me a gift..
I opened this and here the gift at the pictures.
It looked so usual. But...
Following on the letter inside the gift, it contains something I have to do and the meaning of this gift.
Shortly, I can tell you that it is not a usual gift.
She told that I have to take care of this gift.
Because, inside this turtle there are a beautiful grass seed.
After 3 weeks it will grow up.
And i’ll see the beautiful of the grass.
She also told that turtle move slowly,
According to her letter, it means turtle try to understand every step in his life.
So we can be more wise in this life.
Thank you so much Ariena.. :)
Just enjoy the pictures.
FYI : you can visit Ariena page at (she has many pages)
hahahahahha...see yah.. ^^


hecallsmemylovely said...

itu kura-kuranya bisa tumbuh rumput kan kalo direndem air?namanya boneka apa yaa?aku lupa...pernah punya bentuk orang :P

blogojan said...

yap! bener banget..
itu namanya boneka horta.. (katanya sih gitu.. hehehehe... )

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