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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ojanto’s Bracelets

I started to make a kind of craft again
I do it first time when I was in ten
And I left it for years.
Days ago I go to an embroidery shop and found the material
I really like to see the color
My friend, Wandi also do it years ago
We both remembering that this stuff very popular that time
And for my project, I wanna make at least 50 different bracelets.
I hope I can.
It really fun, guys! Hahahaa :d
Enjoy the picture!


vita said...

it's really cute! :D I like the orange one.. it's like twister.hhaha. nice!

meauwlycious said...

i do it too , many years ago

blogojan said...

vita : thank you so much :D
mia : its fun, isn't it??? hehe :D

dindie said...

mulai berjualan tampaknya heheheh :)

blogojan said...

ahahaha :)) mbak dindie...
belumm kokkkk... hihihihihihi... :D

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