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Sunday, November 1, 2009

iPod Tote Bag

finally , this project comes true.
This tote bag made from outdoor printing materials.
I really inspired to make an ipod tote bag.
I made the design, and the print it!
I made for 1m x 1m outdoor printing. Actually it can be 2 pieces of totebag.
You can see there the other design. A Lubitel camera. But it still in process.
Waiting for a day, finally my order come, and I cut it!

and which part that make me feel this is not 100% my creation,
I don’t sew it my self. But its okay.
I still learning about sewing.
And look at that stuff! Is it funny nice??

Thank you for my friends who help me to realize this project. Yay! :D
Give applause to them! Hahaha :D see yah!^^
model : Muhammad Yustan
Photos by :

- Dwi Kurniawan (
- Blasius Abram A.W (

thank you very much, friends.. :D


MIGOMAGI Brand said...

cool man! love it!

diazbela said...

goodddd gooooddddddd

blogojan said...

migomagi and diaz : thank you very much for appreciating this.. :D

ilhamsyah metharani said...

dilem atau dijait jan?:)

blogojan said...

dijahit atuh kang.hehe..

marchelia gupitasari said...

jan kamu og handy banget to
iri tenan aku

blogojan said...

aku juga iri sama kamu gup liat garapan2mu.. hehehehehe :D

makasih ya gup... :)

emmet garage said...

this is genius!

i wish we could sell this in our blogspot!

anymore production?

blogojan said...

hey emmet garage,

thank you so much...

yes actually u can.. :D

about the production of this stuff, you can send me email to talk about this..

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