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Monday, November 9, 2009

Design for Gelanggang Expo 2009

in this early October, my friend named Bulbul asked me for a help
I don’t know what kinds of help that I can do
She explained that she wants me to make design for an event she held
She told that I have to make it’s poster design, backdrop stage design, and gate in design
I worked all night long that time. Hahaha... I really tired, but its fun! ^^
I don’t really well in design actually
But these all what I can do for her as my friend..

This is the poster.

That is the stage, and the backdrop.

And that is the gate in.


Azam "foXIII" Raharjo said...

you done it really well, dude. well done :)

blogojan said...

hey azam... :)
big thanks.. :D

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