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Saturday, September 8, 2012

stiching on plywood :)

Today, I just finished a little stitching work. I have a piece of plywood (a bad one actually). And I was thinking of make some stitching on it. I prepared my screwdriver and put drilling bit on it. And then I drew some sketch on the plywood. I just make some dots following the lines. And I drill it. drrr drrr drr.. :))

After finished making 3mm holes across the line, I wanna make the surface of plywood more smooth using sand-paper. And I started to stitch on it! here the result! :D
have a nice Saturday :)

 sketch and ready to drill


 started to stich

stitching on plywood


Ekbess said...

Ckckck... Keren Mas Ojan... saya juga mau bikin ah... makasih sudah menginspirasi ;)

blogojan said...

terima kasih sekali sudah mau mampir ke blog.. hehe :)

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