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Thursday, September 6, 2012

enjoy making postcards :D

In this post, I wanna share something. I thought, postcards is no longer fun to be made. But now, I really really enjoy this things, making postcards. Here are some of postcards I've made.. enjoy :) I'll post more.. you can also visit :D for more information you can follow twitter @nestofojanto or email at ojantowork(at)gmail(dot)com. see you around!


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Queen of Jumba Jamba said...

waaaa, postcardnya keren banget.. sayang ya the art of handwritten correspondence is almost kaput.. but then again these look too good to be mailed out, mendingan buat private collection aja hhehehehe..

blogojan said...

iyaaa.. almost kapuuuut. hihi.. lucu bahasanya..
buat private collection dan buat dikirim2 makin lucu juga lhoh..
terima kasih sekali ya sudah mau mampir ke blog ku :)


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