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Monday, September 17, 2012


Helvetotebag is just simple tote bag, with cheap enough and eco-friendly materials. Words can be printed there, using a well-known typeface (font) called Helvetica.

In this case, I try to explore more about how to pack the product better. I use cardboard to make box for each totebag. And put on Helvetotebag letter on the cardboard using rubber stamp. Quite messy but actually I like it. hehe.. :)

In this video, I try to depict that Helvetotebag is be able to change the anxiety and joyless to be the opposite - Happy and confident! :)

have a joyful day, everybody! :D



Anonymous said...

yeayyy.. Ojan balik lagi..

blogojan said...

waaaa mbak Pujiiii.. hihi..
terima kasih sekali sudah mau mampir yak :)

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