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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dentist Name Card

We all know, there's so much great references of name cards. But what would you like to do? copy paste it? or just think that name card is not a big deal? I'm sorry, I do really care about this one. Name card is one of our weapon to let people know about us. Haha.. no offense, its just thought of mine.

Yuvita want me to make name card for her early new career, a dentist. And I just came up with this idea. I make it simple, using 2 colors (dark brown v.s orange), and I put a simple local (Java) proverb. "Ojo Ulat Peteng". It means don't stop smiling, then your activity will work well. This is obviously an important message the dentist have to say to people. Dentist is doctor who help people having their best smile.

I give a simple smiley icon, and I wrote the proverb in Javanese ancient script. So, enjoy the result. And I hope you'll be a great dentist, Yuvita! :D


Catatan Rahmia said...

can I order mine? :)

Ulu said...

kereeeen! bagus banget, ojan :)

vitadesya said...

nays sekali jan!
like your magical words Ojo Ulat Peteng :)

blogojan said...

Rahmia :
jelas bisa dong Mia.. Masa anak kos ingkar sama ibu kosnya.. hihi..
email aja ke ojantowork(at)gmail(dot)com nanti saya bantu :)

Ulu :
terima kasihh sekali sudah mampir :)

Vitadesya :
yihay... ojo ulat peteng pokoknya :D huehehehe :D
terima kasih sekali sudah mau mampir yak :D

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